Exhibitions & Projects

Solo show of recent large pieces

Very pleased to be showing alongside some incredibly cool makers and designers at this new show @selectedspace it’d be lovely to meet you if you’re anywhere near...

Very excited to be showing work with @rableygallery - a solo exhibition infact and more exciting shows to come!

Piece illustrated: Billionaires Will Steal Our Moons

Very excited to show at the first year of onlyclay at Kelham Island Museum on the Craft Potters Association stand! Only clay is a new ceramics show featuring some very amazing...

The Sculpture Lounge is an incredible concentration of artists in Holmfirth and they invited me to join them for their summer show! Thanks. https://sculpturelounge.com/

Group show which just gets better and better each year.

A wonderful show in York's St Johns University - organised by the CPA

A "life" saving inititative by artists for artists. During the Covid pandemic lockdown galleries, shows and open studios just stopped. the #artistssupportpledge was a way that artists of all skills, ages, careers and media could post work online pledging to sell for no more than £200 and once in...

First virtual show 2021

The Hepworth Wakefield had it's first ceramics fair in 2018 and Tim Copsey was very pleased to be able to show then - and excited to be showing again in 2020, but Covid 19 made the fair impossible and as a consequence a very different...

Tim Copsey was the Art Mill Gallery featured artist (ceramic) during Winter 2019 / 2020 - this was a beautifully curated show in this airy gallery that really favours woodfired pottery.



The Weavers Factory in Upper Mill is an incredible art gallery project set up by Nigel and Julian in honour of the previous owner of the building - Joan Charnley, an artist and educator whose passion for creativity and the ciommunity is beautifully reflected in the changing exhibitions. Visit...

This is the third year that empty_ potter Tim Copsey has been invited to show at MUD. ArtWaveFestival in East Sussex is a month long festival of visual art, showcasing the incredibly rich talent of both local and international artists.

The gallery has put on a group show for the past five years. This year was more of an assessment show in which we displayed work that we have collected over this time - it was fascinating to see the breadth and quality of the work.

Tim Copsey was invited to show his latest work as part of this inaugural arts and craft event at Dartington Hall in Devon. Dartington has been famous in the past for it's nurturing approach to craft and counts many famous makers as alumni -

The amazing Hepworth Wakefield had it's first ceramics fair in 2018 and Tim Copsey was very pleased to be able show there. It was a really nicely curated concentration of artists and makers with something for all tastes.

Tim Copsey's ceramic work was shown at Manchester Art Fair this year. Blackmore Gallery took a number of pieces for their stand at this prestigous art world event - sold pretty well too!

Colony Art is a new artist and curator led initiative in Rochdale. Based at Richard Fitton's painting studio they aim to showcase emerging artists alongside works by established painters from the the past century.

Over a series of short workshops at my local school (it's about 300 meters away, see pictures below). The pupils worked with a number of techniques to produce individual thumb pots and Greek inspired coil pots. The enthusiasm and results were fantastic. I'm very proud of their work.

This is the first outside 'show' for Tim Copsey for a very long time. He will be taking his latest pots to this yearly makers showcase held at York racecourse in early October.

Lucy Newman and Bob Dixon have been feature artists at the space for many years. This is the first time they have curated a show during the incredible ArtWave Festival in East Sussex. Tim Copsey will be taking his latest pottery work to show.

We are launching a limited edition magazine in July 2016, the content will be group sourced and uses the notion of common sense as inspirational jumping off point.


Holmfirth Art Week is our annual week long open studio, we show a selection of artists working in various formats. This year our fringe show will be from 3rd - 9th July, 2016

Holmfirth Art Week is our annual week long open studio, we show a selection of artists working in various formats. Image: Lucy Newman 'teatowels'

Staged in an old co-op's butchery outside of Holmfirth, Peak District, very atmospheric still had it's hooks and tiles

After Holmfirth Art Week in 2014 we decided to build a proper kiln for the space. It didn't seem a mad escapade at the time, but it took 4 months and a lot of money to make... and at first it was hard to control.

The ware chamber is approx .9 cubic metres. It takes approx 15 + hours to...

Holmfirth Art Week is our annual week long open studio, we show a selection of artists working in various formats.

'The cause of labour is the hope of the world' As part of the Holmfirth film festival empty_ was turned into a popup cinema. This highly aclaimed documentary presents a reworking of footage of the once strong Durham mining communities. Using just a musical soundtrack it charts the rise and fall...

Our neighbour, Chris Preddle reading from his recent poetry collection "Cattle Console Him" at empty_ in 2013. The consoling cattle in Chris Preddle’s second collection can be seen from his kitchen window in...

The first Holmfirth Art Week fringe event to be held in the space.

In 2013 we made the decision to renovate the barn and start to use it as a workshop, gallery and creative space. We started in February and finished in July the same year. During this time we relaid the stone flag floor, rebuilt an internal dry stone wall (thanks to Steven at Fenchurch...