Hepworth Ceramics Fair 2020

The Hepworth Wakefield had it's first ceramics fair in 2018 and Tim Copsey was very pleased to be able to show then - and excited to be showing again in 2020, but Covid 19 made the fair impossible and as a consequence a very different thing; the show went online and we decided to make the weekend an event rather than just signposting people to this website or Instagram.

And because of that it was an incredible success, not least for sales but also for raising Tim's profile and more profoundly the opportunity to engage with a community. Because we chose to treat the weekend as if we were there - on a stall - we readily engaged on social media in real time, moved and added stock around, made content specifically for the show - Serving Suggestion films. As a result he got some great feedback, gathered new friends and contacts… and just enjoyed the creative process.